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A reason, a place, a starting point, an idea. Four answers to four questions to let you know more about my journey and who I am.

Why did you become a photographer?

I really found the answer to this question after becoming a photographer, it’s hard to put it into words before you do. At first I was fascinated with the world of photography, its power to tell a story, to freeze and preserve a moment… I became a photographer to understand and connect with people.

How do the colors and shapes of Tuscany enrich a wedding or an event?

Tuscany is unique. It provides an inimitable experience, a mix of old and new, of elegance and classiness. Despite its exceptional beauty, it’s a place filled with such humility and honesty, a place full of people who are down to earth: it doesn’t take long to fall in love with it. In Tuscany, you instantly feel home and this atmosphere positively affects weddings and events that take place here.

How did you first come in contact with photography?

It all started when I was very young, about nine years old, and my dad would bring home some rolls for his camera and I would take photos when nobody was looking. It all began as a passion and grew with personal experience. Then, as I was introduced to digital photography, what started as a hobby became my profession. I began photographing sports events, especially surf and windsurf, and that’s when I realized how much I loved people.

What is the secret to the perfect shot?

The perfect shot does not exist. It depends on many different factors and it’s not only up to the photographer. Most of the time, especially during a wedding, it is all about the connection established between the newlyweds and the photographer, about the shared experience, and the trust shown on both sides. People will let you see who they really are only if you can truly connect with them. The perfect shot is not about technique, it’s about emotions.

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